Why you need to sign up for Ebates

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Let’s face it…the future (perhaps the present?) of shopping is heading towards being internet-based. Need toilet paper? Log on to Amazon and have a pack delivered within 2 days (or even faster if PrimeNow is in your area). Not in the mood to cook dinner? Considering ordering out, but SHOOT, the restaurant you are craving doesn’t deliver? Grub Hub is just one of many different services that let you customize your order, online, and will deliver from a variety of restaurants that typically do not offer delivery service. Awesome, right? These services are created to make life easier for you! Why not save a little money, too? Enter: Ebates.

You’ve probably heard of Ebates by now, but, if you’re anything like I was, you may be skeptical. They’re going to send you a check after you go shopping? Huh? Special coupons? Huh? What kind of business would want to actually give you money AND help you save money at the same time? I thought it sounded crazy, too, but, believe me when I say that Ebates is awesome. It’s not a scam. They’re not going to harass you or anything. They’re just going to reward you for doing something you’re already doing: shopping online.

Now, everyone is different, but since I signed up in 2011, I’ve earned almost $500 back from Ebates. I signed up right before Black Friday in 2011. We had just had our first child, money was tight, and we had a ton of people to buy Christmas presents for. I had seen commercials on television about Ebates and, like I said before, I thought it seemed too good to be true. With Christmas shopping on the horizon, I figured it was worth a shot to sign up and see what happened. Worst that could happen would be that it didn’t actually work. BUT, it did work and I’ve been using Ebates ever since.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for an account either on their website or their app.
  2. Whenever you are going to shop online, first open the app or go to the website. Do a quick search to see if the store is included on their list of Cash Back Stores. There are over 2,500 stores to shop from!
  3. Select a store by clicking on the “shop now” option. Ebates will open up a separate window and start a “shopping trip” for you with a custom identification number.
  4. Do your shopping and complete your purchase.
  5. You’ll get a percentage of your shopping trip back in the form of a quarterly check! Ebates mails out a “Big Fat Check” 4 times a year with your cash back.
  6. Take that check to the bank (or, let’s get real, deposit the check through your banking app) and smile because it’s good to get money back!

Some of my favorite businesses that I shop online through Ebates:

  • Groupon – I can typically get 3% cash back by shopping Groupon through Ebates which makes the deals even better! Just this morning, I bought 4 tickets for The Crayola Experience in Easton, PA for $15.99/person. Regular price admission is $20.99/person, so I saved $5 by shopping through Ebates and will be getting back $4.50 in my next Big Fat Check
  • Target – the Bullseye’d love of my shopping life. While I totally still spend time walking through the aisles of my favorite store, I also save a little by shopping Target through Ebates. Right now, I can get up to 1% cash back by shopping through Ebates. Not a ton, but every little bit helps, right?! Plus, with the Target Red Card, orders ship for free *and* you’ll save 5%, so that’s all good!
  • Kohl’s – oh, the deals I’ve gotten with Kohls by shopping through Ebates. Right now, you can get up to 3% cash back, but, during Black Friday (which, honestly, is a multi-day event now), I’ve gotten as much as 10% back which is AWESOMESAUCE. Pair that savings with Kohl’s Cash offers and sales…oh baby! That’s some good shopping right there. Bonus true story: You know how the lines at Kohl’s can be CRAZY on Black Friday? Like, a 45+ minute long line to get your deals? Oy vey. Not my idea of fun. We actually go to Kohls on Black Friday, walk around with my phone open on the Kohl’s app (through Ebates, of course), and do our shopping online! I pick out what I want in the store, add things to my virtual shopping cart, and complete my shopping all while skipping the insanity of the check-out line AND saving extra money in the meantime. Then, my entire order shipped to my house for free. Score!!
  • Walgreens – When I need photos quick, I order them online through Walgreens and can usually pick up in a matter of hours (you know how you need photos for school and forget about it until the night before?! Me, too). When I shop Walgreens through Ebates, I can currently get up to 7% cash back AND there is usually a coupon, too!
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement & Home Depot – because my home is always in a state of being renovated, I appreciate every little bit I can save. Right now, I can get up to 4% cash back with Home Depot and up to 2% cash back with Lowe’s when I shop online through Ebates.

Want to actually go to a store and use Ebates?

You can actually get cash back when you link your Visa or American Express credit card with your Ebates account and shop in-store! They currently have 58 stores that offer up to 10% in-store cash back. Yeah!! Among the 58 on this list, my favorites are:

  • Christmas Tree Shoppe – currently 2% in-store cash back, I can ALWAYS find something I want/need in that store. We bought so much outdoor furniture there in Spring. I wish I had known about the in-store cash back!
  • Bed Bath and Beyond – currently 2% in-store cash back, dig into your hoard of 20% off coupons (you have a million of these, too, right? Don’t tell me I’m the only one) and revel in the fact that you’ll save more than the typical shopper!
  • Big Lots – currently 1% in-store cash back, Big Lots is one of my favorite places to score deals on snacks and treats for the boys. When they were tiny, they would eat a TON of the organic fruit and veggie pouches. I could usually find the pouches at Big Lots for no more than HALF the price I would’ve paid for them at the grocery store.

Have I convinced you that Ebates is awesome yet? Because it seriously is amazing to be able to get some cash back for buying things that you would’ve otherwise purchased anyways, right? For those of you saying that $500 really isn’t all that much, keep in mind that this is with minimal online shopping and because I am only human and sometimes do forget to open up my Ebates app first. It happens, no biggie. Just think of all the things you could do with $500, though – pay for a portion of a Walt Disney World vacation, pay for multiple family meals out in a restaurant, pay a cell phone bill for a few months, update your wardrobe, pay for one of your kid’s sports…sounds good to me!

If you haven’t already signed up for an Ebates account, I’d love to refer you! Doing so will earn me a few extra bucks in my quarterly Big Fat Check. Then, when you sign up, refer your own friends so YOU can earn a few extra bucks because everyone should know about Ebates! Sign up by clicking here and filling out the form with your information. I DO NOT have access to your private information and am only here to help YOU to save money and get great deals!



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