Three Services South Jersey Parents Need!

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You guys. Don’t laugh, but, I swear these ideas have been in my head since we first moved our family back to South Jersey. Big Dude was about 15 months old and Little Dude arrived about a year later. I take my boys everywhere. I figure it helps them to socialize and learn manners and, really…what the heck else am I going to do with them? Babysitters are expensive, and, quite honestly, we tend to fly by the seat of our pants so, even if we did get a sitter, we really wouldn’t have enough time to plan ahead. Anyways, while it can totally be beneficial to take kids out to various places, it’s not always easy. You know how long it takes a 4 year old to put on his jacket in a parking lot? Approximately twice the amount of time you’d spend IN the actual store (I say that with love, seriously…). I’m alllll for bringing the kids in the stores, but, it can be totally frustrating when you need to go in the store for ONE thing and the entire process takes forever. So, I know these ideas will probably never happen, but they’ve gone through my head enough times that I need to tell you guys about them. Here are three services that could change the lives of South Jersey parents and, quite frankly, parents everywhere!

Rotisserie Chicken Drive-Thru
south jersey rotisserie chicken costco bjs

My 5-year-old calls these “Rochickory Chickens.”

These delectable chickens are a staple in our house. Not only are they delicious, but they’re cheap. Where else can you buy an entire cooked chicken for $4.99? Throw a pack of frozen veggies in the microwave, cut up a rotisserie chicken, and you’ve got a quick, easy meal that the entire family could very well enjoy. Well, minus the child that has always loved rotisserie chicken up until the very MOMENT the plate is placed down in front of him, but that’s another story for another time. We get these chickens from either BJ’s Wholesale Club or Costco. When The Mister is on his way home, he passes by both stores, so I’ll usually ask him to make a stop and pick one up. YOU GUYS…that quick chicken stop turns into a full-blown $200 shopping trip complete with a 20-minute wait in a check-out line (nicely played, wholesale clubs). I know it’ll never happen, but how nice would it be to just have a drive thru window JUST for rotisserie chicken? Get in line, get your chicken, be on your way! Feed the kids, get them in bed! A girl can dream, right?

WaWa Drive-Thru
wawa hoagie south jersey parents

I know this isn’t a WaWa hoagie, but what do you expect for a free graphic?!

While we’re on the topic of drive-thrus, do you know how many times I’ve wanted a WaWa hoagie, but didn’t want to schlep the kids inside the store? SO MANY TIMES! My hoagie consumption has drastically decreased since having children and it’s really because it would be like taking two bulls inside a china shop filled with Tastykakes and Icees. They’d beg to have them, I’d say “no” and mass chaos would ensue all because I wanted a ham and cheese shortie with a little bit of mayo, extra lettuce, salt, and oregano. Sorry, Wawa. Not worth it. Give me a drive-thru, though…and my world could be filled with hoagies once again. A fairly silly idea, but still…a Jersey Girl’s “gotta have her Wawa!”


Hear me out on this one. You ever taken the kids to pick up a prescription in a drug store? Was it not one of the craziest shopping experiences in

grandma grandparents south jersey parents

I bet we could get Cracker Barrel to donate some chairs for Rent-A-Grandmas?

your life? I mean, you KNOW that the prescription isn’t going to be ready, so you’ll probably have about a 5 minute wait inside the store. Inside the store where all the sick people go to get better, amiright? Then, as the kids are doing their best to touch everything, the thoughts of future colds and illness are running through your head. Ughhhh… You know what would make this easy? A Rent-a-Grandma. Can we please hire some (background checked) people to just stand outside some stores so we can leave the kids in the car with someone watching them? You’d pull up, maybe send a text or call a number to confirm your arrival and Rent-a-Grandma would come right over. You’d get to make your quick stop inside the store while knowing the kids were safe outside. No more waking the baby up to go in the store, no more battles with the toddler that NEEDS the king size candy bar at checkout. What at time, and sanity, saver that would be, right?


The truth of the matter, though? These things will never happen and that’s ok. At the very least, taking your kids inside all these stores could result in some good stories to tell their future spouses and children. Take all these suggestions with a grain of salt – this article is meant to be funny!

Is there any kind of service you wish was available for parents? Let us know! Who knows, maybe someone reading this article will see your idea and put it into action. Don’t hold your breath, though. smiley face south jersey parents family


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