Our day at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ…and 5 tips to make your visit great!

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Morey’s Piers provided us with tickets for our entry into the amusement and water parks so that I could provide this write up of our experience. As usual, all opinions and experiences are honest and our own. Morey’s Piers did not tell me what to write. morey’s piers moreys pier wildwood nj moreys hours moreys pier review wildwoods jersey shore review things to do in wildwood, nj thing to do with kids in wildwood, family friendly wildwood

our day at Morey's Piers and 5 tips to make your visit great

Would you believe that, prior to our recent trip, I had NEVER been to Wildwood, NJ? True story. Not sure how I’d managed to avoid it this far, but, let me tell you, I have a feeling Wildwood and I are going to become pretty great friends. As part of a recent media event, myself and two local bloggers (The Kitty Crumbles and The Quirky Mom Next Door) had the opportunity to bring our families down to Morey’s Piers for a day full of family fun. When this event was confirmed, needless to say, I was SO EXCITED to get to experience all that Morey’s Piers had to offer.

From Cherry Hill, Wildwood is about an hour an a half drive. Since we wanted to make the most out of our day trip, we made sure to get up early so we could get on the road and have lots time to experience all the rides. We arrived in Wildwood around 11am and were able to find parking pretty quickly at an enclosed parking garage right by the boardwalk. As soon as the car was parked, we walked up to the boardwalk and headed to the center pier (Mariner’s Pier) to pick up our wristbands that would give us access to the rides and water parks. Since the water parks opened earlier than the amusement parks, we figured that we’d do the water rides first. We had all dressed in our bathing suits (boys with suits and rash guards, me with a bathing suit and coverup) so that we could go right to the water rides without having to change first.

the water parks at morey's pier were a great way to beat the heatThe very first ride we went on was the Zoom Phloom and, let me tell you, a week later and the boys are STILL talking about how fun this log flume ride was. One of the “steepest log flumes on the east coast,” the Zoom Phloom has not one, but two drops and even takes riders for a trip under the boardwalk. As if that wasn’t cool enough, it’s made even better by having the “Under the Boardwalk” song playing WHILE under the boardwalk. LOVE! The boys and I got wet, but did not get soaked while riding the Zoom Phloom. Even though I mentioned that we were planning on going to the water park first, it’s important that you know the Zoom Phloom is NOT a part of a water park, but is part of Surfside Pier so, if you go and get passes for the amusement parks ONLY, you’ll still be able to ride this awesome log flume.

From there, we entered Ocean Oasis Water Park & Beach Club. Since I had embraced my inner tourist, we needed a place to store the photo I had purchased from our Zoom Phloom ride while we went on the water attractions, so we rented a locker. The daily rate for a locker was $10 + a $5 refundable deposit (pricing may vary depending on the day/time of year). After we got the key (attached to a stretchy cord that could be worn as a bracelet), we put all our belongings inside the locker and headed off to have some fun!

The boys absolutely loved playing at Bonsai Beach. There were plenty of water jets, slides, and even lounge chairs for parents near a shallow area of the water. It was a great opportunity for the boys to get some energy out. The Mister prefers low-key attractions, so he really enjoyed the Endless River – a lazy river that has both single and double inner tubes. We each took one kid and floated down the river. There were quite a few people on this “ride,” but we still had fun. It was a little chaotic at the entrance/exit, but that seems pretty typical for lazy rivers. Either way, it was fun! After we did the Endless River, we walked a few feet over to go into the Activity Pool. First, though, we got each of the boys one of the provided lifejackets. The Activity Pool is 4 feet deep and the boys aren’t the strongest swimmers, so we wanted them to be as safe as possible. Right away, the boys set their sights on a small water slide in the activity pool. To get to this slide, you must first walk up a set of steps that has a constant flow of water going over top – I guess you could say they were “water fall steps”? Once you get to the top, you sit down and slide down a wide, multi-person slide into the pool. Little Dude went down once with me, went underwater and didn’t want to go back on. Big Dude, however? He probably would’ve stayed on that ride the entire time!

we enjoyed such good food from pigdogAfter spending some time at the Ocean Oasis, we walked over to the Raging Waters Water Park on the center pier. The boys had a blast playing at Camp KidTastrophe. There were multiple small water slides (smaller than the Activity Pool – Little Dude had no issue going down these on his own), water spraying all over the place and so many interactive water features. We especially liked having water “battles” with water cannons located on the ground and up on the play structure. It was so much fun!

As the boys were playing on Camp KidTastrophe, we all started getting hungry, so we took the opportunity to have a late lunch/early dinner and check out PigDog: a quick-serve beach bar serving bbq. I was pleasantly surprised that the menu options at PigDog were reasonably priced! The boys both got the mac and cheese “Little Pigs” meals and The Mister and I shared an order of their Brisket Quesadilla and Loaded BarBQ Fries. You guys…it was SO DELICIOUS! PigDog had been recommended by friends, so I thought it would be good, but it was unexpectedly delicious and completely unlike your typical boardwalk food! Everything was fresh and full of flavor – I definitely recommend enjoying a meal at PigDog if you have the opportunity.

we had such an awesome day at morey's pier in wildwood njAfter our meal, we could tell that it was about to start storming, so we left the water park and started to get some amusement rides in. Before the torrential downpours and thunderstorm happened, we were able to ride a total of 4 rides. Little Dude and I loved Riptide. My little adventurer and I got the opportunity to sit on the very end of the boat (aka: the best spot!) and, as the pirate ship swung back and forth, he laughed and shouted “best seats ever!!!” “best ride ever!!” and “this is AWESOME!” You could say he enjoyed that ride! Big Dude and I got to go on Wave Swinger. We sailed through the air, with our arms stretched out and enjoyed pretending we were flying – such a great experience. This was also the first time I had been on a swings ride in YEARS – my recent 40 pound weight loss made it possible for the seats to be comfortable again! All of us got to ride on the the Giant Wheel and, right before it started raining, the boys both got to go on the Kite Flyer. They call this the “superman ride” because the ride has them lay on their bellies and they spins them around the air, kind of like they’re flying. They had a blast!

After getting off the Kite Flyer, it was like the heavens opened up. We managed to make it inside a restaurant before the rain started pouring super heavy, but, for about an hour or so, there was a pretty rough storm happening outside. Since the boys were hungry again (surprise, surprise), we ordered a pizza and decided we’d try to wait out the storm in case we could go on some more rides afterwards.

gotta love the classic tea cups and double decker carouselLuckily, the rain eventually stopped and we headed back to Surfside Pier so we could go on a few more rides. Let me tell you, rides are fun during the day, but there’s something magical about going on boardwalk rides when the sun has set and all the lights turn on. The boys got to go on the Rockin’ Tug and then went on the Wacky Whip a few times. Then, the boys and I all went on Kong. This ride looks pretty easy and simple from the ground, but, once you go up the steps and actually get ON the ride, you don’t realize how thrilling Kong can be! Kong allows 2-3 people (depending on size) per “car” and, once up in the air, you manually adjust a sail on that car. This, in turn, determines the direction in which the car faces. Sounds simple, but Kong was one of my favorite rides that day! After Kong, the 4 of us went on the double-decker Carousel a few times for some good, old-fashioned fun. Afterwards, it was nearing 10:30pm and we decided it was time to grab some ice cream and make our way back home.

I cannot thank Morey’s Piers enough for hosting us for this day full of family fun. It was such an amazing experience and I truly can’t wait to go back to Wildwood again. If you’re interested in planning a day at Morey’s Piers in the future, whether it’s your first time or you’re a frequent visitor, here are 5 tips that could help to make your experience even better!

Purchase your tickets online beforehand

Currently, Morey’s Piers has some special offers available when purchasing tickets online in advance. Take advantage of this offer and you could get food and beverage credits added to your admission for FREE!

the water parks at morey's pier get a thumbs up from us!Read the FAQs beforehand

I feel like this is a “duh” suggestion, but sometimes you get so caught up in the planning that you don’t even think about needing to know where you can find a bandaid for your child. Do yourself a favor and check out the FAQs.

Dress comfortably

As much as I appreciate a fabulous outfit, this is not a place to break out the heels and leather pants (don’t know where that came from…I don’t even own leather pants!). Basically, wear comfortable shoes and clothes that can breath. Be presentable, but wear clothes that are comfortable.

Keep hydrated

We were lucky enough to have a nearby parking spot and kept bottles of water and Gatorade in a cooler with ice. However, if you’re not interested in walking back and forth to a parking lot, consider bringing along a refillable water bottle. Although you’re near the water, it can get HOT out there.

our day at morey's piers in wildwood nj and 5 tips to make your visit greatBring an external battery for your phone

These are the memories you’re going to want to experience AND capture. If you’re anything like me, you take the majority of your photos with your phone, so it’s rare that a full charge lasts all day. Bring along an external battery so that you can make sure your phone has enough power when it comes time to capture the smiles on your kid’s faces as they go on their favorite rides.

Have you been to Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ before? What are some of your favorite rides and attractions? 

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