My Mani Pedi Experience at Olive Nail Lounge in Cherry Hill, NJ

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THANK YOU to Olive Nail Lounge for inviting me in to enjoy and providing this manicure & pedicure experience. All opinions and feedback provided in this article are my own and I was not told what to say in any way.

As a busy mom in South Jersey, self-care doesn’t always happen as much as we’d like it to, right? I mean, we all love and adore our kids, but we’ll often set ourselves on the backburner. You know what, though? We need to stop this and take a few moments to take care of ourselves! I don’t know about you, but when I make the effort to take care of myself, I feel better and, in turn, I’m a better mom, a better wife, a better human being. I am so serious! So, when you’re ready to take some time for yourself, you’ve got to check out Olive Nail Lounge in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Olive Nail Lounge is a newer nail salon located right on Evesham road, right by the Starbucks and Short Hills Deli. Appointments are not required, but recommended (you never know how busy it could be, right?). I had an appointment early in the day and was able to walk right in and get started pretty much right away. The atmosphere in the Olive Nail Lounge was super calming, clean, and welcoming. Even before my services started, my stress level had gone down. (Score!) I was welcomed into the salon by the front desk staff and shown the variety of nail polish displayed so I could make my decision. Before my appointment, I asked the boys what color I should get. Since it’s close to Halloween, they both agreed that I should go with a “blood red.” Essie Limited Addiction looked like the perfect “blood red,” so that’s the color I decided on for my fingers and toes.

Claire was my nail tech for the day’s services and, let me tell you, I am totally recommending you book an appointment with her! When it was time to get started, she offered me a mimosa, glass of wine, coffee, or water. I asked for a bottle of water, but, if I wasn’t pressed for time, I totally would’ve taken her up on the offer of a mimosa. How amazing and refreshing does a mimosa sound?! Next time!

First, Claire got started on my manicure. Now, I need to mention that it had been A WHILE since my last manicure. Like, a while. I was getting my nails dipped on a pretty regular basis, but got super busy with the blog and being a mom and had to miss out on pretty nails for a bit. My cuticles were in rough shape, but Claire was *meticulous* in getting them back to perfect condition. During previous visits to other nail salons, my cuticles would always bleed when the nail tech would trim my cuticles, but…I’m thrilled to report that absolutely no blood was shed during this visit. She fixed up my cuticles, shaped my nails just right (as much as I love the look of long nails, they’re just not practical for my keyboard typing fingers), lotioned and wrapped my hands in a warmed towel, and polished my nails to perfection. I swear, I’d never seen my fingernails look so shiny. Claire took such care when applying the polish, making sure the nail brush didn’t touch any of my skin and creating such perfect polish lines. You guys know it doesn’t take much to impress me, but this was seriously the best manicure I’ve ever had.

When my manicure was over, Claire helped me to move over to the pedicure area. She carried my purse and phone over so I wouldn’t have to risk messing up my new sweet nails. The pedicure chairs do have options for massage, but, since I had a previous experience (at another salon) with a massage chair leaving me nauseous, I decided to skip on those vibrations.  The seats were still super comfy! At Olive Nail Lounge, pedicures are done in a gorgeous iridescent “tub” (Is that the right term? You know what I mean) that is first covered in a disposable plastic liner, so you can rest assured that your pedicure is being done in the cleanest environment possible. The water was nice and warm and Claire totally pampered me with my pedicure. I am typically very ticklish on the arch of my feet, so, when I’ve gotten pedicures before, it’s been very….awkward…when the nail tech needs to scrub the bottom of my feet and I need to control my laughter.  (Anyone else? I can’t be the only one confessing this) During this pedicure, though, Claire was magically able to make the bottoms of my feet super smooth WITHOUT making me crack up laughing. Nothing short of amazing right there.

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My fingers and toes are happy thanks to a fresh mani/pedi from @olivenaillounge in @cherryhilltwp! (Check my stories to see mani!) The boys wanted me to get "blood red" nails in anticipation of Halloween and this @essie color "Limited Addiction" is spot on!⁣ ⁣ My cuticles were in sad shape, but Claire made them perfect again – I'm super impressed with how amazing my nails turned out. They're so shiny!! ?⁣ ⁣ I'll be sharing more on the blog soon, but the next time you need a mani pedi, definitely check out Olive Nail Lounge – it's on Evesham Road, right near the Starbucks. They'll take amazing care of you and will even offer coffee, water, wine, and mimosas!! (right?!)⁣ ⁣ #ad #oliveyourmani #pedicure #pedi #essiepolish #essielove #selfcare #cherryhill #cherryhillnj #southjersey #njspots #southjerseyfamily #bloodred #olivelounge #camdencountynj #njblogger #njbloggers #njmoms #njmom #southjerseymoms #jerseygirl #nailsalon #southjerseysalons #southjerseysalon #southjerseylife #halloweenpedi #njbusiness #southjerseybusiness #bloggerlife #momstyle

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After my pedicure was finished, I was moved over to a smaller table that provided flowing air to dry fingers and/or toes. I didn’t feel rushed at all and, honestly, I was so comfortable and relaxed that I wouldn’t have minded staying there all day. My toenails were dried quickly so I left soon after and continued on with my day.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much more confident and happy I feel when my nails look pretty. I know it sounds vain, but having nice nails really do make a difference in my day. I’m happy to say that my polish manicure looked perfect for 5 days until one of my nails got a polish chip. Being that I am SO tough on my nails, I consider this a small miracle and am willing to bet that it would last way longer for someone that is not so tough on nails. About two weeks into having my pedicure and my toes still look just as great as they did the day of the service.

Olive Nail Lounge is one of the most welcoming nail salons I’ve visited. They have a large assortment of nail polishes and do offer gel and dip manicures in addition to polish. Those with littles will be happy to know that they offer “little one” services as well!

THANK YOU, Olive Nail Lounge, for hosting me for a relaxing manicure and pedicure! I can’t wait to come back again!

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