My First Salt Room Experience: The Salt Suite in Moorestown, NJ!

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So, if you’ve been following along with my latest blog series, you  may understand why February is typically a tough month for me. Along with the dreary weather of February, the memories just get me down in the dumps. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for things to do in February…not always an easy task! I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last week and came upon a post from The Salt Suite: a new business in Moorestown, NJ. They were offering a FREE session in their Salt Room! I’d never experienced a Salt Room before, but had wanted to because I had heard they could help with clearing out sinuses and decreasing stress. Of course, I called them and scheduled an appointment for later in the week. I was SO EXCITED!

salt suite moorestown salt room salt therapy young avenue

The Salt Suite is in this small shopping center on Young Avenue in Moorestown, NJ

When the day arrived for my appointment, I dropped the boys off to school and drove over to The Salt Suite so that I could make sure to arrive with plenty of time to fill out paperwork. I walked in and, I swear, I felt more at ease almost immediately. The decor was minimal and didn’t overwhelm the senses. I was promptly greeted by a member of the staff and given a clipboard with a paper to fill out and sign. Then, I was given a little tour of the place and all they have to offer:

  • lockers with keys are available for storing your belongings
  • water dispenser along with cough drops, tissues, and ear plugs available for use during your experience
  • beach-themed family Salt Room complete with toys to keep the kids busy
  • semi-private rooms for multiple guests with comfortable, reclining chairs separated by partitions
salt suite moorestown salt room salt therapy

The rooms have 5 recliners, each separated by a partition.

I put all my belongings in one of the lockers, used the (super clean!) bathroom quickly, and was then brought into my Salt Room for my 45 minute session. You guys. YOU GUYS!!! I walked in with only socks on my feet (sock are required) and felt like I was walking on the beach. The floor was completely covered with salt as were the walls! The beach is my ultimate happy place, so this feeling of walking on the sand had pretty much an immediate positive effect on my stress levels. I chose to sit in a recliner over to the side of the wall because, honestly, I wanted to touch the wall! It was covered in salt and felt rough, kind of like the inside of a geode. I was given the softest cream blanket to cozy up under and was asked if I’d like to listen to spa sounds or guided meditation. I picked “meditation,” even though I’ve never really meditated, but figured it was worth a shot and might as well try something new. I was told that I could choose my meditation options and was given a set of white headphones and a little iPod. It was explained that, when it was time for the session to begin, the lights would dim and salt particles would be blown through the air vents into the room (!!).

salt suite moorestown salt room salt therapy

All ready for the session to begin!

Then, I was left in the room by myself. I could already feel that my sinuses were clearer than they had been before walking into the Salt Room (thank you, post nasal drip!). It really was pretty cool to experience an effect so quickly!

The rest of the people showed up for their appointments and got situated in their recliners. Then, the true magic began. I started a meditation session on the iPod. First, I did a meditation to help with my sinuses. This calming voice spoke to me in the most soothing tone, telling me when to inhale and inhale, whether to inhale or exhale through my nose or mouth. The meditation was about 17 minutes long and, by the end of the recording, my upper body was tingling and felt SO MUCH BETTER. I am so serious! It was like magic. I did the meditation recording for stress next and seriously felt like I was on cloud 9. I was ready to move my entire family into this Salt Room! It was THAT calming! With every inhale through my mouth, I could taste the salt. In a good way. Like, it wasn’t overwhelming, but made me feel like I was just relaxing on the beach. The hum of the air vents was calming, too. Oh my goodness, I could go on an on.

salt suite moorestown salt room salt therapy

When the lights were dimmed, these salt “bricks” glowed, making the room a cozy pink/orange hue.

After the 45 minute session, the lights grew brighter and the air vent stopped humming. There was a thin layer of salt over everything that hadn’t been covered. It really was pretty cool. It had been recommended to wear light colored clothing for this reason, but I was a risk-taker and wore black leggings instead because #momuniform.

Following this experience, I was more relaxed than I had been in AGES. I was definitely happier and more easy-going. When I was done, I called The Mister and told him all about it and how I really really REALLY want to get a monthly membership. I’m definitely planning on returning soon in hopes to keep this version of “chill mom” hanging around for a bit.

The Salt Suite offers a variety of packages for individual and family memberships as well as options to “pay as you go” for single visits. I especially love that they allow the ability to use Flexible Spending Accounts to cover the cost of the sessions. In addition to helping with sinus issues and stress, there are many other benefits to salt therapy. If you’re interested in trying out a session, give them a call to schedule an appointment! They’re currently offering a FREE first session, so it’s definitely worth a shot to try out! Oh! Another thing I loved? They’re located directly across from the Centerton Shopping Center which, if you know me, you know I love to shop!

Have you experienced a session in a Salt Room before? What did you think?

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6 Responses

  1. I have always wanted to try a salt room. I can never get anyone to do it with me. I now need to go try one asap. So glad you loved it and thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  2. Dannielle says:

    Elizabeth Dukart,
    I tried the Salt Suite for the 1st time last weekend too! I walked in not knowing what to expect which was good because even though I read some things about what they are and who benefits it, I really had no expectations.
    I also love the beach, so the sandy floor & salt air quickly brought me back to summer days down at the shore. “My happy place.”
    It was so relaxing once inside, I left all my inhibitions at the door & had to fight from falling asleep a couple of times for fear of snoring. Years of snoring & allergies were what I was there for help with.
    After the 45 min session, i couldn’t wait to tell my husband & family about how great this was! I could breathe so good after just 1 session I can’t wait to see what 3+ sessions will do.
    I walked out on cloud nine & a bottle of makeup Primer w/sunscreen from their own skincare line. All of the employees skin looked so good. They said it was probably from going in/out of the salt air rooms but they all admitted to using the skincare too. I’m not risking any chances to breathe better or for beautiful skin!
    If you haven’t gone, you have to check out this place!!

  3. Dawn says:

    I LOVED my experience at The Salt Suite! I was uber relaxed and felt great when I left- a must try!!

  4. Meredith says:

    Same experience and I sat in the same chair when I went. Two things I wish I would have done. 1. Use the restroom before lol 2. Did the meditation, I chose spa but should have switched. I will be going again

  5. Jessie says:

    Love this! Salt therapy is so so so amazing, helpful, healing and just relaxing! Everyone should go… Regularly for symptoms, but for sure just once! Love natural healing