Jack Ryan: a binge-worthy Amazon series

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You know it is when you’re watching a show that is SO good that you literally would like nothing more than to just become one with the sofa and watch that show all gosh darn day? It’s ok to admit it, it really is. You’re definitely not alone because that described me so perfectly last week. I started watching a new show and it’s just so amazing that I needed to tell you all about it. The show? Jack Ryan on Amazon Video. It’s based off a Tom Clancy character which, honestly, I’ve never read any of his books. No reason why, but it just hasn’t happened so far. After watching Season 1 of this show, though, there’s a good chance that it will happen!

The Mister and I binge-watched The Office before Big Dude was born and I’m pretty sure that it will forever be one of our favorite shows. The dry humor always gets me and the cast is just amazing. Episode 13 in Season 4 (“Dinner Party”) is one of our favorites and I swear we have watched it no less than 30 times. It’s just that good. To this day, aside from Dwight and Michael, Jim was our favorite character. He’s just that everyday, all-around good guy and totally relatable. I had gotten so used to watching John Krasinski play that character that I really wasn’t sure that I would like seeing him in a show filled with bad guys and action. I was completely wrong.

Before last week, I wasn’t really all that interested in watching Jack Ryan because, like I said, I had never read a Tom Clancy book and I liked John Krasinski just fine in The Office. I wasn’t sure that I WANTED to change my perception of him as an actor. I decided to give Jack Ryan a chance, though, because there was a campaign for the show available in one of the apps I use for blogging. THIS is what was the nudge on the shoulder that got me to watch it. I started watching the show that night.jack ryan john krasinksi amazon binge worthy tv tom clancy

After the boys were in bed for the night, I got all comfy cozy in bed, turned the tv on, got the Roku remote, went to the Amazon Video app, and started Jack Ryan. You guys!! So, John Krasinski’s character, Jack Ryan is an analyst in the CIA. He’s had some challenges in his life, including a tour overseas as a Marine, but, life had kind of calmed down by now and he was spending his days at his desk, analyzing transactions over in Yemen. He makes a discovery that strikes a nerve with him, and the story line just escalates from there. It is freaking amazing. There’s the right amount of action that you’ll be figuratively on the edge of your seat even when you’re sinking into the depths of your cozy bed. I swear, there were multiple moments that I had to remind myself to breath because I was literally holding my breath waiting to see what would happen.

While it has plenty of action, there is a psychological element that I love. Give me a movie or show that makes me think and I am a very happy woman. With Jack Ryan, I was constantly trying to keep up with what the bad guys were up to and what their next move would be. It totally satisfied my “I’m a mom of two young children and I cannot have a complete thought while they’re awake, but I’d really love to use my brain cells” thirst. You may have experienced the same? Let’s be real, you have CERTAINLY experienced the same thirst.

*Cue game show host voice*  But wait, there’s more! You like romance? Jack Ryan’s got it! While he’s fighting the bad guys, he’s also thinking about a blossoming new romance with a super-smart, gorgeous, “is kicking butt in her career”, independent woman. Yesssss!!! Now we’re talking, right?!

jack ryan john krasinski tom clancy amazon binge worthy tv seriesOk, you guys. You gotta watch this show. With some late nights, I managed to somehow watch the entire season in like 3 days. It’s that good. Plus, as if you need another reason to watch, but I’ll let you in on another secret: John Krasinski is shirtless in some of the episodes AND…you’ll see his tush as well. I’m not usually a butt or abs girl, but I’m DEFINITELY not complaining about that view!

Definitely check it out if you haven’t already. If you’ve already watched some (or ALL), let me know what you think!

In case you couldn’t tell, this is definitely not a show to watch with the kids. There’s a good amount of adult language as well as violence.

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