How to Create a Successful Circle Time Routine

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Looking to homeschool your preschool age child? Or supplement your child’s preschool education? One of the most beloved parts of the preschool school day is circle time! During this time, students get their day started by greeting each other, learning the days of the week and months of the year, talking about the weather, and more! There are SO many resources out there, but we’ve looked around online and have selected the resources WE would use if we were in your situation! As always, feel free to share this resource with friends and family that could benefit and let us know, in the comments, if you have any helpful websites or resources that parents or teachers of preschool age children could use during their morning meeting time!

A typical circle time would follow the same, or similar, activities each morning. Children tend to thrive with structure, so while using the same songs over and over again might not be the most interesting for adults, it can actually help kids to remember various important skills and pieces of information. Here’s how I would structure the daily circle time:

  1. Sing Good Morning songs
  2. Using a calendar, go over the day of the week. “Today, is Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Yesterday was Monday, tomorrow will be Wednesday”
  3. Sing a Day of the Week Song
  4. Sing a Months of the Year Song
  5. Talk about the weather “Let’s look outside the window! Who can tell me the weather today?”
    1. When I taught preschool, we would dress a Weather Bear in the appropriate clothing (reasonably priced printable link below), but you could also just discuss appropriate and inappropriate clothing choices for the day. “It’s sunny and warm…should you wear a tee shirt or a heavy sweater today?”
  6. If there is a holiday today, or tomorrow, I would briefly talk about that and ask kids what they know about that holiday.
  7. Go over the schedule for the day
Preschool Good Morning Songs

Make a Circle incorporates full body movement, opposites, and a repetitive rhythm

Hello! is one of the few songs I’ve found that allows kids to honestly tell how they’re doing (so many say “I’m fine.” or “I’m good” and that isn’t always the case). This song is super simple and could be helpful in encouraging kids to accurately share how they’re feeling.

Preschool Days of the Week Songs

Dream English Kids has a catchy song complete with hand motions. Incorporating body movement with rhythm can help kids to remember what they’re learning!

Days of the Week Addams Family Style is how I remember learning my days of the week! I love that this version incorporates finger snapping to encourage strengthening fine-motor skills.

Sunny Side Up, Kids Songs: Days of the Week with Chica and Carly is a super fun way to learn the days of the week while also including alliteration (Monday = Monkey, Tuesday = T Rex, etc) and full-body movement.

I would…

use the Dream English Kids or the Addams Family Style songs as everyday songs to help with learning the days of the week and incorporate the Sunny Side Up song once or twice a week as a special treat.

Preschool Months of the Year Songs

Macarena Months is your way to show off your mastery of The Macarena from the 90s! The repetitive body movements will, once again, help kids to remember the months of the year. If you have forgotten (!!) this iconic dance, Maximo from Go Noodle can help you with that!

KidsTV123 Months of the Year song is similar to the Macarena Months, but the tempo is slowed down a bit.

Jack Hartman’s Months of the Year song incorporates full body movements and exercise! This could be a great song to help get the wiggles out

I would…

start with teaching the KidsTV123 song, then work up to using the faster-paced Macarena Months. I’d do Jack Hartman’s Months of the year song once or twice a week and a special treat or as a body break during the day.

Preschool Circle Time Printables & Resources

From ABCs to ACTs Printable Calendar Set is FREE with download and available for personal use. If you can, I would print in color and laminate so the calendar lasts longer

A Little Pinch of Perfect has a FREE printable calendar that comes complete with holidays

Preschool Mom has FREE printable calendars that kids can color in and add the dates by hand

True Aim Education has FREE weather printables to use with a group

Preschool Mom has some cute, FREE weather worksheets kids can trace and color

Teachers Pay Teachers has a number of reasonably priced, printable Weather Bears for purchase

Family Fun Crafts has a roundup of special days and holidays throughout the year

Teachers Pay Teachers has a variety of reasonably priced daily schedule charts for purchase

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