Hey, Hey! Time to Play! Our Visit to Kingston Playground

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The boys and I have decided that we’re going to visit every playground in our town by the time summer is over (or, rather, I decided this so they don’t spend every.single.day watching tv). They’re always super full of energy when I pick them up from school, so I decided “no time like the present!!!!” and we started our Playground Tour today. Sit back, relax, and learn a thing or two about one of the playgrounds in Cherry Hill, NJ!

For our first playground stop, we went to the Kingston Playground. We’d never been here and I actually thought that it was going to be the playground at Kingston Elementary School. I’m glad it wasn’t – timing would’ve been off and we would’ve been interrupting kids playing during after school care there. I’ve got a few photos to show you and will give a general run-down at the end, so hopefully that helps!

The playground wasn’t too hard to find as it’s right next to the Kingston Estates Swim Club. When I first drove past, I was a little confused since I couldn’t see the playground from the road, but could only see the playground, baseball field, and sports building. This is what the sign at the street looks like, so, if you plan on visiting, keep an eye out and park in the parking lot directly behind the sign.

The building pictured is used for the Cherry Hill Youth Athletic Association. There are bathrooms, but they are locked (bummer!) when there aren’t practices or games in progress. To get to the playground, just walk through the covered walkway by the building, then, you’ll arrive at the playground!

My boys LOVED it! They spent most of their time on the “big kid” playground, but also enjoyed the “toddler” playground, too.

Favorites included this telephone thing (what else do I call it? I have no clue). The speaking/listening phones are at either end of the playground, so the boys could talk (ie: yell) to each other through it. (PS – Google told me they’re called Talk Tubes. Ohhhh fancy schmancy)

This was pretty awesome, too. It reminds me of a hamster wheel. Right?!? You see it, too?!

LOTS of time was spent on the swings. My oldest has learned how to propel himself on the swings and goes high and fast. He found out that the swing all the way on the right sounds like an elephant when he’s swinging. lol

General Run Down of Kingston Playground

2 playsets: a toddler and a “big kid” set

Toddler set includes: 3 slides, climbing structures and a cute animal “tic tac toe” at ground level

Big Kid set includes: 3 slides, bouncing bridge, multiple climbing structures, Talk Tubes, monkey bars, and rolling cylinder

4 swings on the swingset: 2 band swings for older kids and 2 seats for the little guys

3 benches around the playground

Picnic tables are on property, but they are by the parking lot and not the playground

Bathrooms are on property, but they were locked

Trash and Recycling bins were on property

Little to no shade – make sure to bring sunscreen/sunglasses/hat!

Playground is not fully fenced in and is not off of a major street


Stay tuned for future posts on other local playgrounds! Do you have a favorite local playground? Let me know in the comments and we’ll do our best to visit!

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  1. Vanessa & Rosie Ridiculous says:

    Rosie and I love Memorial Park Playground in Evesham… she loves the big slide!