Hagerty’s Christmas Village: a Christmas blast from the past in Pitman, NJ

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Growing up, there were a few things we would do every single year as part of our Christmas celebration in South Jersey. Visiting the displays at Hagerty’s Christmas Village in Pitman was one of them. According to Google Maps, it’s about a 30 minute ride from our home in Cherry Hill, so it’s not a bad ride, but it’s a ride that you’ll most likely need to plan in advance for. If you’re a child of the 80s or 90s, you’ll definitely appreciate the old-school displays featuring characters such as the California Raisins, E.T., Sesame Street, and the Energizer Bunny. Your kids will also recognize characters from Spongebob, Shrek, Finding Nemo, and The Grinch in addition to the standard holiday gingerbread people, Santa, elves, and such. In addition to various characters, you’ll see various displays that have are Christian-themed (I mean, it is a Christmas Village after all), so just be aware of that. All of the displays are magical, wholesome, pretty over-the-top in the best way possible!

Planning ahead…

Before you head out for your adventure, be sure to pack items to help you stay warm! The display is 100% outdoors, so you will be subjected to the elements. For some reason, when we go, it usually ends up raining, so I definitely recommend bringing and umbrella, too. Bring along snacks or drinks and be sure to use the bathroom beforehand (yes, I know I’m not your mother, but still!). If you have littles that use strollers, I definitely recommend either bringing along a small umbrella stroller or baby wearing since some of the areas can be a little tight to maneuver with crowds. Last, but not least, you’ll want to make sure your phone/camera is all charged up and ready to take some photos!

When you arrive…

When you arrive to the location, you’ll need to find parking. Since this Christmas Village is made up of personal home displays, there is not a designated parking area, but there is usually parking available on side streets and around the area. Just make sure you’re not in a restricted parking area and you should be good to go! Be sure to bring all the gloves, hats, scarves, umbrellas, etc. that you packed since you most likely will not be going back to your car until you’re finished.

Now, there isn’t any specific “start point” for the Christmas Village so just pick a display and start with that. Like I said before, everything is outside, so be sure to walk around to each display so you can make sure you see everything! Often times, Santa will be set up in one of the spots, so keep an eye out if you’d like to do photographs with him.

Hagerty’s Christmas Village in Pitman NJ is a welcome blast from the past that’ll send South Jersey parents back to their childhood while bringing a smile to kids of all ages as they have for at least a quarter century. This Christmas display is not well advertised on social media, but, in my honest, opinion, that’s part of the charm. It’s like one of the best kept secrets of South Jersey, right?

I hope you enjoy visiting the Hagerty’s Christmas Village in Pitman and will consider make it part of your family’s annual tradition just as we have!

Hagerty’s Christmas Village is located at 133 North Avenue, Pitman, NJ 08071
The official start and end date is not known, but can usually be found with a quick Facebook search (remember, this is one of NJ’s best kept secrets!)

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