Celebrating Birthdays with the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill, NJ

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Garden State Discovery Museum Birthday Party in Cherry Hill, New JerseyTurning 5 is a big deal. “Five” sounds so much older than “four,” right? And, kids get to show their age using their WHOLE hand. That in itself is a huge deal. Little Dude recently turned 5 and, given his big personality, we all knew this would have to be a big party! When we got the opportunity to have a birthday party at The Garden State Discovery Museum, Little Dude was THRILLED. Both my boys absolutely love going to the Discovery Museum and beg to go there practically every day after I pick them up from school, so having a party at The Garden State Discovery Museum would be a dream come true, right? Totally!

So, The Garden State Discovery Museum has been making a bunch of changes recently. They’ve moved the infamous “Bubble Trouble” exhibit (one of our favorites – we always try to make the giant bubble grow as big as possible!) and are working on a new exhibit in its place. No clue what it’s going to be, but the boys have been thrilled to see the progress every time we visit. They’ve been implementing a number of activities and events making each visit to the museum a different experience! In addition to these changes, they’ve recently renovated their party rooms and have added a number of birthday party themes and options.

For Little Dude, we chose a theme that fit him to a T – slime making!! Now, we do have all the supplies to make slime at home but, for one reason or another, it was going to be WAY more exciting to make slime at one of his favorite play places. Personally, I knew it was going to be GLORIOUS to not have to clean it all up myself! We have done a ton of birthday parties at home and, let me just say, the part I despise most is the cleanup. Our home isn’t necessarily a mess, but it is certainly lived in. There will be dishes in the sink at all times, a few toys left on the floor, bags from shopping trips by the front door, and a hamper overflowing with laundry is usually present. Before a party, The Mister and I spend a decent bit of time running around the house cleaning whatever we can. Then, the house is gorgeous. We enjoy the spotless floors and empty trashcans for a few hours and then things get messy again with the party. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. I am not complaining about guests coming over and having a good time at all, just stating the fact that it takes a decent amount of time to clean up before and after. Now, the night before we had the party at The Garden State Discovery Museum, I actually mentioned to The Mister that it felt weird to not be doing a thorough cleaning of the house beforehand. It was SO relaxing and we were totally chill. What a difference it makes having a party at an outside location versus in the home.

BJs birthday cake Garden State Discovery Museum Birthday Celebration Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Such a delicious cake from BJs! They decorated with icing and I put dinosaurs and candles on top. It was a hit!

Our party was scheduled to start at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. We were asked to arrive about 15 minutes early to get things out of the trunk and start setting up the room. We were allowed to bring in outside food, but they also have J-Dogs on property if you’d prefer to order from them. I loved having this option as many other party locations do not allow outside food, with the exception of a birthday cake. We had our favorite pizza delivered from Johnny’s, picked up a pretzel tray from The Philly Pretzel Factory, and cake/chips/drinks from BJ’s Wholesale Club. Since the party was happening on the weekend, I had a feeling the parking lot would be crowded, so we arrived about 25 minutes early so I could make sure to find a parking spot. It was crowded, but did not take long at all for a spot to open up.

Once inside the museum, we were led to the party rooms. They have multiple party rooms, in various locations around the museum, but we were in rooms that were right by the Little Discoveries section. The rooms were painted a happy, bright blue and had many windows looking out into the play area. It felt very spacious and bright!

Garden State Discovery Museum Birthday Celebration Cherry Hill, New Jersey

They loved coloring on the paper-covered tables!

Museum staff had covered all the tables in white paper. In the room where we kept the food, they had written “Happy Birthday, {little dude’s real name}” on the paper – such a nice, personalized touch! In the room where all the kids would eat their food, the tables had been covered in white paper, too, and there were bins of markers on the table for the kids to color. I brought some dinosaur decorations for the tables, so those were set up, too. You guys, this was the easiest birthday party set-up in the history of mankind.

As guests arrived, they put the gifts in a giant plastic bin and the kids got right to work covering those white table tops in works of art. Now, I loved the entire party, but, honestly, this was one of my favorite parts of it! The kids had a blast coloring all over the paper. Do you use markers at home? We hardly use them because they get messy, but the kids seemed so excited to be able to use them as they pleased. I swear, they all could’ve colored on those tables all day (note to self: buy some long roles of white paper to cover our own tables!).

Garden State Discovery Museum slime birthday celebration party cherry hill, new jersey

Learning how to make slime from our own personal scientist!

garden state discovery museum slime birthday celebration south jersey cherry hill, new jersey

So many ways to personalize slime!

After everyone ate, it was time to make slime! Each child was given a small cup with some liquid in it and an assortment of slime add-ins were placed on the table – glitter, sand, poof balls, little tubes of food dye… It was very cool and made for a very sensory experience. We had our own “scientist” for the entire half hour who helped the kids mix ingredients together to make the slime. She was dressed in a lab coat and had the absolute best cheerful and bubbly personality for a room full of 5-year-olds! The kids mixed and mixed, added and added ingredients and all created their very own personalized slime. It was so much fun! When the slime was all made, each child was given a small plastic container to transport their slime home.

garden state discovery museum cherry hill new jersey south jersey making slime for kids birthday party

Oopy, goopy, and so much fun!

By that time, our hour and a half inside the party rooms was coming to an end and it was time for all the kids to either leave or go out into the museum to play.You know what, The Mister and I were able to go out and play with the kids, too! While all the kids were making their slime and having a blast, we had our own party helpers cleaning up all the foad and loading it up in a bin to bring back to our car. WE DIDN’T HAVE TO CLEAN UP!! It took The Mister all of 5 minutes to get the leftovers and party gifts inside the car and then we were free to enjoy our time with the kids and their friends.

channel 6 action news garden state discovery museum cherry hill new jersey birthday party

The Channel 6 Action News exhibit is a favorite! Yay for pretend play!

You guys, this party was awesome. Nevermind the fact that we didn’t have to clean for or clean up after the party, the kids had a blast. I didn’t have to spend hours running from store to store collecting items and planning for a kids activity. It was all taken care of for us! Our guests had a great time, the kids had a great time…this was such a successful birthday party!

If you’re shopping around for a birthday party for your child, definitely check out The Garden State Discovery Museum. They have a variety of different packages including a Museum Birthday, Sleepover Birthday (um, I may schedule a sleepover birthday just to get a full night’s sleep!), and Private Birthday where you get the ENTIRE museum to yourself!!

The Garden State Discovery Museum is located at 2040 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
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Growing up, what was your favorite birthday party? Did it have a special theme? Can we make grown-up birthday parties a thing? 

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