Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair now open in Palmyra, NJ

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Being the proud Jersey Girl that I am, it makes me pretty happy that we don’t have to pump our own gas. No need to get gasoline on my hands, spilled on my clothes, or risk splashing it on the side of my car. When the South Jersey Family mom van needs to be gassed up, I just pull up to the station, turn the car off, window down, open the gas tank “door” (is there a real name for it? I have no clue), and say “fill it up with regular, please.” Easy peasy pudding and pie. Since full-service gas stations make me so happy, it’s no surprise that I’m pretty hands-off when it comes to car care, too. I mean, I can pop the hood or do a basic car wash, but the inner workings of a car and all the technical stuff? Nope. I’ll leave that to the professionals. In this case, we’re going to chat about the newly opened Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair in Palmyra, NJ.

Founded on the notion that customer service and convenience is of the utmost importance, Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair is definitely not new to the auto repair scene. Founded in 2016, but recently opened in Palmyra, you can rest assured that the staff of Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair has nothing but your best interest and safety in mind. Now, not only is Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair going to take care of your vehicle, but they’re also going to take care of YOU.

Huh? What? How the heck does that work? You guys, Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair offers quite a few perks that definitely makes it stand out among all of the auto repair options we have in South Jersey. Not only are their prices highly competitive (many of them lower than the industry average for the South Jersey area), but they offer a variety of perks. Check them out!

Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair Loyalty Program

Oil changes. Meh. The cost of regular, but required, vehicle upkeep can make your wallet unhappy, amiright? Well, Extreme Industries has an Oil Change Loyalty Program! {and the crowd cheers} Paying for every single oil change is so 2019. At Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair, every 3rd oil change will be free. Score! Now, this offer applies to specific vehicles, not customer, so, (and I’m dreaming here), every third oil change on my Maserati will be free and and every third oil change on my Lamborghini will be free, too.

Currently, a conventional oil change runs $29.99 and includes up to 5 quarts of oil while a synthetic oil change is $59.99 and also includes up to 5 quarts of oil.

Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair Rewards

You know how you always chat up your favorite restaurant or store with your friends? I know I do! Well, now you can get rewarded for referring your friends and family to Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair. Earn a Visa gift card, cash, check, or even free services, just for referring people. Compiled and rewarded on a monthly basis, it’s pretty sweet to be able to be rewarded just for spreading the word about a positive experience at a locally owned business.

Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair Special Offers & Perks

Unlike others, Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair is not going to nickel and dime you. Instead, they’re going to spoil you with their special offers and perks. Special Offers and Perks are subject to change, but currently, they are offering:

  • Military Discounts because, did you notice the Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair logo? American pride runs strong in this shop and they’ll take care of those that have made our freedoms possible.
  • Public Safety Discounts will be available for those in the Fire, EMS, and police professions. Public Safety professionals keep us safe, so Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair will keep their cars safe, too!
  • Nurse Discount will keep nurse’s vehicles healthy just as they selflessly keep others healthy
  • Teacher Discount because…really…do we even need a reason? Just show your school ID and teachers will get the hook up!
  • Uber/Lyft Driver Discount will be available to keep the cars that get us from place to place in tip top shape
  • Senior Citizen Discount because experience should be rewarded
  • Complimentary Car Wash or Vacuum with every service appointment
  • Free 76-point safety inspection with no purchase necessary! Also included with every service appointment
  • Free windshield wiper installation with the purchase of windshield wipers
  • Free battery installation with the purchase of a battery (restrictions may apply)
  • FREE COFFEE because, honestly, coffee makes the world go round
  • Free WiFi while you’re in their gorgeous waiting area that is complete with activities for the kids (what the what?!)

Pretty sweet, right? Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair is sure to be a welcome and important part of the South Jersey community. When you’re in need of services for your truck or automobile, definitely check out Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair. You know what? They’ve even extended some special offers to the South Jersey Family community. When you do business with Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair in Palmyra, NJ, enjoy 50% off a full-service detail AND get $5 off any repair service when you mention South Jersey Family. You’re welcome!!

Located at 620 Jefferson Street Palmyra, New Jersey 08065, get social with Extreme Industries Auto & Truck Repair by liking and following their Facebook Page or give them a call at (856) 314-8523


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