Dole Whip, FroYo, and Gelato, oh my! at Peachwave in Mount Laurel, NJ!

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dole whip, fro you, gelato oh my at Peachwave in Mount Laurel, NJ

The boys and I are always on the hunt for places to get a treat in South Jersey. What can I say? They inherited my sweet teeth and enjoy indulging every now and then (read: whenever humanly possible). I’m in a bunch of Facebook groups for local South Jersey communities and had heard buzz about the new Peachwave location in Mount Laurel so I knew that we’d have to stop by and try it for ourselves! We’re so happy to be including Peachwave in our Family Friendly Dining Reviews!

This Mount Laurel location is the first (and currently the only) location in New Jersey! They offer a rotation of self-serve, sold by weight, frozen yogurt, gelato, and…wait for it…Dole Whip. (!!!) You guys…did you hear me? We can now get Dole Whip LOCALLY!! Think of all the money you’ll save getting on the airplane to visit Orlando every time you want Dole Whip! *my attempt at a joke* Anyways, once you choose your flavor(s), your frozen treat can be topped with the many toppings available, turned into a smoothie, shake, or float. Right?! It’s just as amazing as it sounds. Whichever you choose, I’m pretty certain you’ll enjoy your treat.

The boys and I went on a weekday afternoon, right after they got out of school. The weather had been warmer, so I figured frozen yogurt would be a nice treat to help cool off. (and, you know what, ANY time of day in ANY sort of weather is usually the perfect time for frozen yogurt, right?) This location was pretty easy to find – it’s located right inside the shopping center at Ark Road. There’s plenty of parking and plenty of shops nearby so you could technically do your grocery shopping at Shop Rite and then treat yourself afterwards for a job well done at Peachwave…just saying. south jersey fro yo frozen yogurt dole whip gelato ice cream mount laurel mt laurel

peachwave mt laurel entrance south jersey family friendly dining frozen yogurtAs we entered the shop, it’s like we were transported to another world! Bright citrus colors (orange, yellow, green) and white decor welcomed us in and their faux fireplace made the space super cozy. There are multiple seating options and even games and coloring books available to enhance your experience. Such thoughtful touches! Being that I am a mom of two young children, it was not surprising that they had to use the bathroom right away. We walked to the back of the store and went into the bathroom. Did you know that orange bathroom fixtures exist? Well, now you do! I was so impressed that Peachwave continued their orange branding inside the bathroom!

peachwave mount laurel bathroom new jersey south jersey family friendly dining

yes, I’m sharing a photo of their fun bathroom!

peachwave mount laurel self serve frozen yogurt machines south jersey family friendly dining

16 flavors to choose from!

Moving on to the delicious part! With 16 different flavors to choose from, it’s like the boys and I were in dessert heaven! Little Dude decided on the cheesecake and chocolate flavors, Big Dude got cookies and cream, and I got their vanilla bean gelato. Once our dishes were filled, we headed over to the toppings station. Holy moly – their toppings station is pretty amazing and filled with candies, fruits, various cookies, syrups…you name it, it was probably there. One of my favorite toppings were the little mochi bites. We love getting the mochi balls from the grocery store and I was pretty excited that I could enjoy the chewy little bites on my gelato! I went with a predominately peanut butter and chocolate flavor with my treat – Reeses pieces, oreo cookies, and peanut butter sauce went on top of my vanilla bean gelato. Big Dude put cookie dough, oreo cookies, gummy bears, a gummy frog, and marshmallow sauce on his and Little Dude put Nerds, gummy bears, a gummy frog, oreo cookies, and marshmallow sauce on his. When we got towards the register, I noticed that Peachwave has not one, not two, but FOUR color options for their spoons. *Moms of picky kids rejoice!* The boys loved picking out their spoons!

peachwave mount laurel toppings frozen yogurt

Just a few of their available toppings!

peachwave frozen yogurt mount laurel new jersey spoons

Fun spoons!

We sat down at one of the tables and started devouring our treats! It was all so delicious! While we were sitting down, I got to chatting with the store manager, Jenn. She told me that the flavors of self-serve change every so often which, in my opinion, is great because then visitors can always enjoy a new flavor. I mentioned that I was so excited to see Dole Whip available because that’s one of my favorite treats at Disney World and I wasn’t aware of any local places that carried it. They actually had three different flavors of Dole Whip available that day: pineapple, strawberry, and lemon. The pineapple flavor will always be available, but the other fruit flavors may change from time to time. Jenn told me how much she loves pairing the pineapple Dole Whip with peanut butter. Have you ever heard of this flavor combination? I hadn’t! Somehow, strawberry and peanut butter works, so I guess pineapple and peanut butter would work, too? I had to try it and am happy to report that pineapple and peanut butter is actually a surprisingly delicious flavor combination that I’ll forever know of as the “Jenn Special” now.

peachwave mount laurel frozen yogurt

The boys with the creations and the “Jenn Special!”

As if the soft serve wasn’t enough, the boys and I actually had FUN while at Peachwave. Remember the games and coloring books I mentioned previously? Well, the boys enjoyed a few games of Connect 4. I totally appreciate that Peachwave has made this location an experience for families instead of “just” a place to get a cool treat (I mean that in a good way!). It’s a place where memories can be made and families can spend time and enjoy each other’s company! south jersey fro yo frozen yogurt dole whip gelato ice cream mount laurel mt laurel

peachwave mount laurel playing games south jersey family friendly dining frozen yogurt dole whip

Since visiting Peachwave, the boys have asked at least daily when we’re going back. You guys, we’re going to have to go back again soon so we can try out their other flavors! You guys, make it a point to visit Peachwave – you’ll love it!

Here’s all their info!

Peachwave General Website

The Mount Laurel Peachwave address & phone

Peachwave Mount Laurel Facebook Page

Peachwave Mount Laurel Instagram

What’s your favorite fro-yo topping? Do you stick with candy? Do you stick with fruits? Or, do you mix it up?

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three flavors of Dole Whip at Peachwave Mount Laurel, south jersey family friendly dining

Pineapple, Lemon, and Strawberry Dole Whip

Peachwave nutritional information


peachwave mount laurel frozen yogurt south jersey family friendly dining series

Their lovely fireplace area!

drinks for sale at peachwave mount laurel south jersey frozen yogurt dole whip gelato

Thirsty? Peachwave has beverages available!

peachwave mount laurel frozen yogurt dole whip gelato south jersey family friendly dining series

Do you call them Sprinkles or Jimmies? Peachwave agrees with you either way!

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