Celebrating Birthdays at Peachwave Frozen Yogurt in Mount Laurel, NJ

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Here in South Jersey, we are so lucky to have numerous options for celebrating our children’s birthdays. We recently celebrated Big Dude’s birthday in our home, so I’ve been on the search for a unique birthday party for him and his friends. Something that everyone could enjoy, but also a party that would be reasonably priced. You guys, hold onto your hats, because there’s a new option for birthday parties in Burlington County and you’re definitely going to want to plan a party here! Remember when we shared about Dole Whip, FroYo, and Gelato, oh my! at Peachwave in Mount Laurel, NJ! a bit ago? I fell in love with their Dole Whip, wide variety of toppings (especially the little mochi cubes – I swear, I could eat an entire bowl of those little suckers), and the fun atmosphere. YOU GUYS!! Peachwave does birthday parties now!!! First, I’m going to tell you about the birthday party we hosted and then I’m going to share details about booking & currently pricing. Sound good? m’kay, here we go!

Our Birthday Party at Peachwave Frozen Yogurt

We had Big Dude’s birthday party on a Sunday from 11-1. You know what was magical about that time? We had the ENTIRE place to ourselves! Peachwave’s hours of operation currently vary from 1pm-9pm or 1pm-10pm. They opened the store early, just for our birthday party, and that was pretty magical. We didn’t have to worry about the place being crowded or worry about their staff being busy helping outside customers. The staff of Peachwave was there to help ensure our party was a success and they did an amazing job! I was allowed to arrive at 10:30 to set up any decorations I had. Peachwave had a “Happy Birthday” banner on the wall above the frozen yogurt machines that, in the excitement of hosting a party, I forgot to photograph. I brought paper goods and set up each of the tables with a bit of white paper (Ikea sells rolls of white paper pretty cheap) so that the kids could color on the paper. (Remember our birthday party at the Garden State Discovery Museum? I loved that they had paper on the tables for the kids) Peachwave was gracious enough to provide crayons for the kids to color!

Since the party started at 11am (aka – one of the times my kids are starving), we brought pizza in from an outside restaurant. We also brought in chips and pretzels for the kids to munch on as well as bottles of water and pouches of juice. I usually go ALL OUT for birthday party food (like, a crazy amount of food), but I decided to keep things simple for this party and I think that it was pretty successful having “only” the basics. After the kids had pizza and snacks, one of the staff members of Peachwave gave the kids directions on how they were to fill their cups with frozen yogurt (ex – fill with a reasonable amount and not over-flow the cup) and how they’d get one trip up to the machines and toppings. Everything ran pretty smooth with all the kids getting their frozen treat – I was so impressed!

After eating frozen yogurt, we had the kids play games and color on the paper some more. At this point, I was wishing I had scheduled a magician or some sort of entertainment for the kids, but…live and learn, right? We did birthday cake after this and then the party was over and the kids went home. Everyone seemed happy, so I’ll chalk this up as being a successful birthday party!

We had goodies bags for the kids and Peachwave gave each child a coupon for their next visit as well as a temporary tattoo and a pack of crayons. I love that they provided this!

Booking Your Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Party

Now, I’m not going to share specific details as prices may vary depending on when you read this article, but I can say that this was a very reasonably priced birthday party. When I booked the party, I was given the option of having the children receive one of two sizes of frozen yogurt cups: red cups that hold 5-6 ounces of frozen yogurt & toppings or white cups that would hold 7-8 ounces. We went with the white cups. A minimum purchase of 10 cups was required (pricing did not vary depending on weight – it was a flat fee) and then we paid an additional fee for every cup after the minimum 10.

To book our party, I contacted Peachwave Frozen Yogurt through their Facebook Page, but I’m sure you could call them or visit their location in Mount Laurel and inquire in person.

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