BookSmiles revolutionizes gift giving by partnering with Kids Can Give, Too!

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BookSmiles revolutionizes gift giving by partnering with Kids Can Give, Too


You know the feeling when kids get a ton of gifts at a party or during a holiday? Don’t get me wrong, it is an incredible blessing to have family and friends willing to spend their hard-earned cash on gifts for the children in their lives. But, sometimes, kids will ask and ask and ask for a certain toy only to receive it, play with it for 20 minutes (if we’re lucky!), and then have it sit in a toy box only to be forgotten. Even when my boys were tiny, my husband and I would spoil the heck out of our kids. New toys weren’t reserved for “just” birthdays or holidays, but, if we went to a store and found a deal on something our kids wanted…we’d buy it. Yes, they’d be thrilled for the moment, but, ultimately, the boys accumulated so many toys that, when it came time to play, they got overwhelmed with the toy choices and would get frustrated. We have since stopped buying toys throughout the year and encourage the boys to play with the toys they have OR wait for their birthday or a holiday. It seriously pains me to think of all the money we spent on those toys only to end up donating or re-selling them for a fraction of what we paid. All in all – tons of toys, while a blessing, ended up being a headache and a waste of money. If this sounds like the situation in your household, I’ve recently learned of a solution that you may want to consider!

South Jersey Family has recently started partnering with BookSmiles. The brainchild of Larry Abrams, BookSmiles is a 501(c)(3) organization that collects gently used children’s book donations and then gives them either to children in need of books OR teachers in need of books for their classroom libraries. I first met Larry when I had the idea to organize a children’s book swap for South Jersey families and thought it could be great for our two organizations to work together. During our chat over Starbucks coffee, I was told the story of how Larry was inspired to start BookSmiles after learning that one of his high school students was not reading to her child nor did she have any children’s books. It’s pretty amazing how one interaction led to over 130,000 books being collected and distributed to children in need, right?! It was during this conversation that I learned about the BookSmiles affiliation with Kids Can Give, Too.

Today's book swap was AWESOME! I got to meet so many of you guys and your kids got to get some "new" books. What did you…

Posted by South Jersey Family on Saturday, August 10, 2019

If you’ve been following the South Jersey Family Facebook Page and South Jersey Family Instagram Feed, you know that the children’s book swap was a success! We are definitely planning on more events, so keep an eye out. BUT…in this article we’re chatting about BookSmiles affiliation with Kids Can Give, Too, so let’s get back to the topic!

So, BookSmiles is revolutionizing gift giving through their partnership with Kids Can Give, Too. Through Kids Can Give, Too, children can have their birthday parties (or other celebrations) be a part of a charitable giving. BookSmiles is currently one of many 501(c)(3) organizations that have partnered with Kids Can Give, Too (but, obviously, they’re one of our favorites!). By registering your child’s party with Kids Can Give, Too, partygoers will have the ability to let their gift make a difference.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Talk with your child to confirm the decision of having their party gifts contribute to a good cause (In my opinion, this is a super important step! You could totally make the decision for your child, but having them make the conscious decision to give can help to shape them, their future, and the future of others in ways we can only imagine!)
  2. Register your child’s party with Kids Can Give, Too. You’ll have the option to include party information and designate the charity of your choice (in this case, we’re partial to BookSmiles wink, wink)
  3. Print out/email/distribute those invitations however you’d like! They will have a specific link for partygoers to visit to purchase their gift in the dollar amount of their choice.
  4. When the attendee makes their purchase, the charity of your choosing will receive 50% of the dollar amount, Kids Can Give, Too will receive 10% of the dollar amount, and the birthday child will receive 40% of the dollar amount in the form of a Visa Gift Card about 2 weeks after the party/collection has ended.

Sounds nice, right?! The birthday child will STILL get a gift and will be helping others in need as well. That’s a win-win for us! At this point in time, my oldest son has decided to make his next birthday party (next month! ahh!) a Kids Can Give, Too party that will benefit BookSmiles! Keep an eye on the blog and our social media outlets so you can see how it all works out!

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