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If you’re anything like my family, you’ve accumulated a bunch of…stuff…over the years. That clutter usually gets thrown down in the basement, behind a door, only to be forgotten about for years and years. I totally get it! It’s sometimes easier to just “set it and forget it” while you’re in the thick of the parenting gig you’ve got going on now. You know what, though? If you’re lucky enough to have a basement, I can honestly tell you that it’s worth the time and energy to put that basement to good use. Not only can it be a great use of space for a variety of family activities and gatherings, but having a functional basement can be helpful in organizing family necessities that *could* lead to a less chaotic life and potential monetary savings. Sounds like a win-win, right?! Here are five ways you could design a basement with a busy family in mind:

You could even consider adding a new bathroom to your basement!

1. Perfect the space. Basements are often damp spaces that lack height and light, making them a typically undesirable location to spend family time (hence the “setting and forgetting” of said junk). Improper drainage and ventilation issues could lead to respiratory issues down the road, too, so a basement remodel is not something to mess around with. Personally, I have friends that have suffered with respiratory issues due to mold in their home and, even years later, are still dealing with residual troubles. Really, it’s best to leave a basement remodel to the professionals. Locally, C Mac Contracting is a great option to do just this.

Did you know that the height of a basement can actually be INCREASED?! I had no idea! C Mac Contracting can actually dig into the existing flooring of the basement to make for an increased height. (Fun fact: I grew up in a house without a basement and actually told my parents they should find a company to build a basement…but, I didn’t know it was actually possible!) In addition, they’ll be able to take care of any ventilation and draining issues that could be present. After all, if you’re going to invest in a basement remodel, you want to make sure that the (quite literal) foundation is in tip-top shape and perfect condition.

2. Consider the space. What purpose do you want your basement to serve? Will it be a family game or crafting room? Kids play room? In-home movie theater? Will you need shelving or pantries for food storage? Do you want the perfect laundry area? Before your basement remodel gets started, you may want to consider adding walls, or sectioning off portions of your basement that will serve specific purposes. One day, I dream of turning a portion of my basement into an in-home movie theater. Because of this, I’ll be having a wall built between the movie area and my laundry area because nothing ruins a spooky movie scene more than the sound of water swirling around in the washing machine, right?!

How gorgeous are these floors?!

3. Choose the right materials. Here’s another time when having a professional contractor such as C Mac Contracting can certainly benefit your basement remodel. Since you’ve already considered, and determined, what your space will be used for, it’s important to choose the right materials. For example, if you’ll be using the basement as a play area for your children, you may want a soft, carpeted flooring that will be comfortable to sit on and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum. However, if you’ll be crafting or using the basement as your laundry area, you may want a hard surface that could handle getting wet or being near moisture. Will your kids be running around and playing hockey on the basement floor? You’ll want to install a durable flooring that won’t scratch easily, but will still provide traction for those running feet. (Hey, I’m a boy mom – this is totally a possibility in my household)

You could do the (time-consuming) research on your own, or just walk into your nearest home improvement store and get their recommendations, but, this is another area in which having a contractor is invaluable. With their expertise and experience, a contractor can provide suggestions that are tried and true saving you both time and money.

See how bright the space is when white cabinets are used? LOVE!

4. Lighten up! Being that most basements are underground, they tend to lack the sunshine and light that other rooms in your home may provide. For this reason, I definitely recommend choosing a lighter color palette for your basement decor. These days, gray tones are super trendy and actually serve as a fabulous neutral because you could pair pretty much any bright color with it for a pop of happiness. If you will need cabinets or shelving in your new basement, I totally suggest going with a white or light color. IKEA is one of my go-to places for budget-friendly cabinets and shelving (that can be cleaned of messy fingerprints pretty easily), but, if you want something a little more personalized, your contractor should definitely be able to create something custom for you.

5. Personalize your decor. You know all those images from the latest family photography session that you paid for, but have yet to print out? Save them from living a life in the cloud, and get a few of those memories printed! Whether you decide to print photographs from your local drug store, or get those images made into stretched canvas pieces, a family-friendly space just isn’t complete without a few photos of the family! (Makes sense, right?!) In addition to family photographs, you may also want to support local artists by purchasing a few unique pieces. Craft shows and family-friendly events are abundant in South Jersey during the warmer weather. If you’re ever looking for local family-friendly events, definitely check out the South Jersey Family calendar of events & activities!


Have you had your basement remodeled recently? What are your favorite features?

If you’re in the market for a basement remodel, what would you like to do with your space?

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