30 Budget Friendly Autumn Date Ideas in South Jersey

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Crunch, crunch, crunch. You hear that? If you’re in any location that actually has the 4 seasons, you should be hearing the crunch of leaves beneath your feet these days. Fall is one of my favorite seasons in South Jersey; it’s just starting to get cool and you know that Halloween and Thanksgiving are on their way. You get to break out your favorite pairs of jeans, cozy sweaters and scarves, and the humidity has finally calmed down enough that you can wear your hair down without it frizzing up all over the place. Perfection! Know what’s even better, though? Getting to have some fun for not a lot of moolah because, the less you spend on fun, the more you get to spend on new clothes and Christmas gifts…amiright?! Check out these 30 budget friendly autumn dates night in South Jersey ideas I’ve compiled. We’ve included many suggestions for specific South Jersey businesses and such, so check it out and start planning some dates! Want to print out this handy dandy list and hang it on your refrigerator as a little “hey, honey…take me out!” suggestion? Go for it!

  1. Go on a Ghost Tour
    • I’ve gone on a few of these Grim Philly tours and my husband and I went on on this Ghost Tour of Ocean City, NJ on our honeymoon years ago. Both were excellent! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a decent amount of walking.
  2. Go on a Hike
  3. Visit a Haunted House
    • There are SO MANY in the area. Funtober.com offers lists of Haunted Houses by state. As with any event, I recommend confirming the hours/pricing before you make the drive over.
  4. Drive-In Movie
    • The mosquitos are finally dying and you won’t be sweating to death, so I see this time of year as the perfect time to see a drive-in movie. The Delsea Drive-In is one of the few drive-in theaters still around. Currently, movies are only shown on Friday and Saturday, with the box office opening at 5:45 for start times beginning at 7:10pm.
  5. Go Apple Picking
    • Strawberry Hill Farm in Chesterfield is one of my family’s favorites. They only accept payment in the form of cash/check, so be sure to come prepared. We love this farm because it’s family owned, the fruits are very reasonably priced (about $1/pound), and because they practice IPM farming. Basically, they only use pesticides if absolutely necessary and do so in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.
  6. Go Pumpkin Picking
    • Cheyenne’s Road Market in Mount Laurel, New Jersey is our favorite place to go pumpkin picking. Like Strawberry Hill Farm, Cheyenne’s is family owned, everything they sell is absolutely delicious and reasonably priced, and I consider to be organic (but without the official organic label). Their hayride is, again, reasonably priced and done on a smaller, more intimate scale than most other local hayrides I’m familiar with. It takes you for a ride through their farm and features hay bales decorated to a specific yearly theme. This year, their theme is Harry Potter! They really do a nice job at Cheyenne’s!
  7. Carve Pumpkins
  8. Have a Scary Movie Marathon
    • From not-so-scary to “I couldn’t even finish the movie,” check out my list of scary movie suggestions!
  9. Have a Campfire with S’mores
    • Need a fire pit? S’mores supplies? I gotcha covered here.
  10. Have a Picnic
    • Grab an old (clean) blanket, pack up a few sandwiches and drinks in a cooler (we have this one: https://amzn.to/2OfcLI9 – it’s great quality and holds a lot), and head out to your favorite picnic spot for a romantic meal together.
  11. Make a Scarecrow
  12. Visit a Fall Festival
    • Virtually free to attend, Fall Festivals can be a great way to enjoy the cooler weather while doing some small business shopping. Check the South Jersey Calendar of Events & Activities for a comprehensive list of fall festivals in the area.
  13. Try a New Pumpkin Recipe
  14. Get Pumpkin Coffee
  15. Attend a Football Game
    • Look up local high school schedules or grab some Eagles tickets.Obvious note…high school games will be WAY more reasonable than the Eagles.
  16. Play a Board Game
    • Get some snacks and drinks, and break out the board games! Need a board game refresh? I’ve got some suggestions for you!
  17. Go Thrift Shopping
    • Do a challenge to dress your significant other for only $15 or just mosey around and see what catches your eye. South Jersey has so many thrift stores to choose from!
  18. Visit Yard Sales
    • Fall is one of the best times to have and visit yard sales! The weather is nice and cool and people are trying to clean out in preparation for the holidays! Check your local community Facebook groups for people posting about yard sales or simply go for a drive and look for some signs. Chances are, you’ll find a yard sale, or two, quickly!
  19. Celebrate Oktoberfest
    • Who knew there were so many Oktoberfest celebrations nearby?! Check out dates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  20. Bake a Pie
  21. Have a Leaf Fight
    • Because you know it’s so much fun to jump in the leaves!! Plus, you’ll get some yard work done, too. #winning
  22. Attend a Wine Tasting
    • Check out South Jersey Wine Region (yes, South Jersey has MANY delicious wines!) with this resource from visitsouthjersey.com
  23. Take a Cooking Class
    • The Marlton Sur La Table location has many cooking classes to choose from.
  24. Take a Pottery Class
    • There are many different options in South Jersey to throw some pottery or paint pottery.
  25. See Halloween Decorations
    • Grab a few snacks, hop in the car, and go for a ride around town!
  26. Make Fall Cookies
    • I’ve got 15 of them for you to try right here!
  27. Make DIY Halloween Costumes
  28. See a Local Band
    • Check your local coffee shops and bars to see who’s on the schedule!
  29. Eat Outside at a Restaurant
    • Because you know that, soon enough, it’ll be too cold to eat outside! A quick Google search returned these options ranging from fast food to fine dining.
  30. Write your Winter Bucket List
    • Then, come back to this blog in a few weeks for some budget friendly winter date ideas!


Did we miss an awesome date idea? Which date would you like  best? Let us know!

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