Our Tasty lunch at Marcello’s in Marlton, NJ

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Our Tasty lunch at Marcello's in Marlton, NJ

We’re so happy to be including Marcello’s Restaurant, in Marlton, to our South Jersey Family friendly dining series! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve driven by this restaurant, located in the shopping center at the corner of Greentree and Church Road in Marlton, on our way to Cheyenne’s Road Market. I had heard so many great reviews of Marcello’s and they post such DELICIOUS looking meals on their Instagram Feed, that I decided we needed to try Marcello’s out for ourselves! You guys, if you’re in the area, you are definitely going to want to enjoy a family meal at Marcello’s!

ample parking and take out at Marcellos in Marlton, NJWe stopped by on a Sunday afternoon for lunch. The restaurant had plenty of seating available and the front take out area kept busy. We were able to choose our seats ourselves, so we chose a booth. The restaurant is a comfortable and casual setting with tables covered with red and white plaid tablecloths. The front wall is filled with windows to let natural light in, so the inside felt very open. In the restaurant, there are basically two seating sections. There’s a smaller section up front (by the windows) with a few tables – this would be PERFECT for a semi-private event or group meal. The Marcello's has such a cozy dining room!main section is a bit larger and has a variety of booth and table seating options. The waitress quickly took our orders for beverages asked if we’d like to choose our own meals or if we’d like to enjoy a variety of dishes they’d choose. Now, being a self-confessed foodie, I thought it could be fun to have the chef make “surprise” dishes for us, so that’s what we did!

First up was their fried ravioli. You guys – I was SO glad they let us sample the fried ravioli! Calamari is my typical appetizer

looking forward to our meal at Marcello's in Marlton, NJgo-to, so it was fun to try something different. The breading was crispy while the pasta was still tender and perfectly cooked around their delicious cheese filling. Topped with fresh parmesan cheese, the fried ravioli was served with a small dish of their blush sauce. It was SO GOOD! I probably would have just eaten that blush sauce with a spoon, but I controlled myself and enjoyed it with the ravioli. You want to know what’s even more amazing? The boys loved it, too. Big Dude will usually try new foods with no issue, but Little

Dude pretty much refuses to eat any foods that aren’t the typical chicken nuggets/mac & cheese/pizza (you know what I mean, right?!). Little Dude ATE the ravioli and LOVED IT! Sound the alarms! Even better, he actually took a bite of the piece of basil that was on top of the ravioli. You guys. That was the first time IN HIS LIFE that he willingly ate something green. I’m still amazed. Job well done, Marcello’s!

Marcello's has so many delicious options. Can't go wrong with any of them!After the ravioli, we got to enjoy two of their personal sized pizzas. Now, we’re going to take the description “personal size” very lightly because I’m willing to bet 2-3 of us could’ve made a meal out of one of the pizzas because they’re pretty generously sized. We got to try out their Buffalo Chicken Pizza and their BBQ Chicken Pizza – both made with crispy chicken. Full of flavor, they were both served hot out of the oven with crusts that were perfectly crisped and cheese that was melted just right. For whatever reason, the boys weren’t interested in trying the pizzas, but The Mister and I enjoyed both. The bbq sauce on the BBQ Chicken Pizza was more sweet than spicy and the buffalo sauce on the Buffalo Chicken Pizza had a bit of heat to it. If you like spicy foods and hot sauce, you’ll be just fine with the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

so delicious!While we tried the pizza, the boys were served their own plates of the chicken fingers and fries kids meal. Marcello’s currently has 5 options on the kids meal section of their menu for $7 each (chicken fingers & fries, mozzarella sticks & fries, spaghetti & meatballs, grilled cheese & fries, and ravioli). The chicken fingers came served with honey mustard, but the boys were able to quickly get ketchup and bbq sauce instead. The fries were nice and crispy and I appreciated that the chicken fingers were actual pieces of chicken and not processed. They were a hit with the boys!

stringy melted cheese on ziti at Marcello's in Marlton, NJAfter the pizza, we got to try two pasta dishes *and* their “fresh-from-the-oven” bread. If you’ve read any of my previous local restaurant reviews or have seen my shout-outs on Instagram, you may have noticed that I LOVE crabmeat. Like, I could eat it every single day of my life, for every single meal, and I’m willing to bet I’d be perfectly happy. If we’re out and there’s a meal that had crab available, there’s a good chance I’m going to order that dish. So, you’ll understand why I was so happy that we got to try Marcello’s Capellini Crabmeat dish. Holy moly. This one was a WINNER. Capellini is my favorite pasta, so, when served with crabmeat and blush sauce, I’m bound to be a very happy person! The pasta was perfectly cooked, the blush sauce was fantastic (same blush sauce from the fried ravioli) and the jumbo lump crab meat was perfectly tender and just brought the entire dish together. It was SO GOOD!! When we go back to Marcello’s again, there is a very good chance I’ll be ordering the I wouldn't mind eating Marcello's Cappellini Crabmeat every day of my life! Capellini Crabmeat. The other pasta dish we got to try was their Baked Ziti. Now, I need to mention this. When I go out to restaurants, I don’t usually order dishes that I can make at home myself. It’s just a quirk of mine, but I prefer to order dishes that I wouldn’t want to or couldn’t make myself. I think I need to change my stance on this, though! Their ziti came with melted cheese on top and was the perfect comfort food. Like the other pasta dishes, the pasta was perfectly cooked and there was an expert sauce to pasta ratio. It was DELICIOUS. As with all of the dishes we tried at Marcello’s, I totally recommend their Baked Ziti.

Marcello's has some great weekly specials!Everything we had from Marcello’s was absolutely delicious. We all left with full, happy tummies and leftovers for the next day’s lunch. If you’re looking for a gem of an Italian restaurant, definitely give Marcello’s a try. They have a number of daily specials that make dining with Marcello’s a no-brainer. In addition to specials, Marcello’s also offers a loyalty program! The entire family really enjoyed our lunch and we look forward to our next family meal with Marcello’s!



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300 East Greentree Road
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Or, call them at 856-596-0984

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