180+ Printable Lunchbox Notes!

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at least 180 printable lunchbox notes

It’s almost Back to School time in South Jersey! Like many kids, my boys especially look forward to lunch time while at school. It gives them a chance to socialize with their friends, get some energy out, and fill their bellies with a meal. Here in South Jersey, they only get about a half hour TOTAL for lunch…and that includes the time it takes to walk in and out of the lunchroom and, if they’re buying, wait in line to purchase a lunch. Needless to say, they don’t have much time for lunch, but it’s still the most anticipated part of the day.

In an effort to brighten their day, I started including little notes in their lunchboxes last year. I just wrote notes on a post it, but I quickly ran out of ideas (they’re like, “mom, we know you love us. Stop writing “I love you!” lol),sometimes they couldn’t read my “rushed mom” handwriting, and sometimes they ran out of time to READ my handwritten message. This year, I’m switching it up and will be sending in pre-made lunchbox notes. They’ll get either a joke or a note each day and I’m pretty sure they’ll enjoy each and every one of them! To make things easier for myself and for parents in South Jersey and beyond, I’ve compiled a collection of at least a year’s worth of FREE printable lunchbox notes and jokes the kids are sure to love. I recommend printing off a bunch, cutting them up into individual notes, and storing them wherever you do lunch prep or near the backpacks. Even if your child does NOT take a lunch to school, you could totally slip a note into their backpack pocket each day for a little extra love from home.

General Lunchbox Notes

Jokes and notes galore, these lunchbox notes are perfect for everyday use!

Fruit-themed Lunchbox Notes are filled with fruity puns!

Lunch Box Love Notes are super colorful and full of encouragement!

Emojis Lunchbox cards will have your kids smiling!

Fruit & Veggie Lunchbox cards are the punniest! (get it?!)

Monster-themed Lunchbox Notes are not scary at all!

Fruit & Veggie Lunchbox JOKES will have the whole lunch table laughing!

Encouraging Lunchbox notes to make their day special!

Superhero Lunchbox notes to give them the power to eat EVERYTHING you packed!

Star Wars Lunchbox notes so they know the force is with them!

LEGO Lunchbox notes are the building blocks to a great meal!

Lunchbox notes for early and pre-readers even the youngest can enjoy!

Animal Lunchbox notes with super sweet “word play” messages!

School-Themed lunchbox notes will encourage them to do their best!

Disney Trivia Lunchbox Notes will add a bit of magic to their lunch!

Donut Lunchbox Jokes will make them giggle!

Disney Princess Lunchbox Jokes will make their lunches the fairest of all

Joke and Brain Teaser Lunchbox notes will get them thinking!

Inspirational Lunchbox Quotes will have them paying-it-forward!

Space-Themed Lunchbox notes because they’re out of this world!

Unicorn-themed Lunchbox notes will add some magic to lunch!


Holiday and Seasonal Lunchbox Notes

Celebrate special days and the seasons with these lunchbox notes!

Birthday Lunchbox Jokes to celebrate the happiest day!

Fall-themed Lunchbox jokes they can share with their friends!

Halloween Lunchbox Jokes are super candy corny!

Ghost-themed Lunchbox jokes for some not-so-spooky fun!

Thanksgiving Jokes they’ll be thankful to get!

Winter-Themed Lunchbox notes to help them feel cozy!

Hanukkah Trivia Lunchbox notes they’re sure to love!

Christmas Jokes will get their bellies laughing!

Elf-themed notes will encourage good behavior

Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Jokes will make them laugh and love!

St Patrick’s Day Lunchbox notes so they have the luck of the Irish!

Easter & Spring Lunchbox Jokes because no bunny loves them like you!

Passover Lunchbox Jokes will have them laughing!

End-of-the-year Lunchbox notes to finish up a great year!

What are some of your kids favorite lunches to enjoy while at school? Let us know!

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over 180 printable lunchbox notes

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