15 DIY Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

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I legit have one of *the* tiniest porches ever. Like, my two kids can be standing on it and there’s really no room for anyone else. I’ve always wanted an entry with a big front porch, maybe a swing, definitely enough room for more than 2 small children to stand. If this sounds like your porch, maybe you’ll be able to do some of these amazing Halloween Front Porch ideas. If not, you can hang with me, in my front yard, and just imagine the things we could do with our porches if they were just a *little* bit bigger.

  1. One Stop Party IdeasIt’s sweet and simple! I’m loving the lights underneath each step!
  2. Martha Stewart’s Batty Front PorchLook at that unique front door! That lantern light hanging from the ceiling looks like it was made for Halloween. I even found an article by HGTV that includes a bat shape template so you can make those hanging bats yourself!
  3. It All Started With PaintHere I go with the bats again. It’s so simply, but nice and spooky. Check out the black gauze lazily draped over the rocking chair. You could totally use the bat template I first posted above for this!
  4. One Good ThingThis front porch is a little bigger than my own, but I’m thinking I could totally make those spiders work for us! Jillee even provides directions and templates for everything shown making this decor easy-peasy!
  5. Better Homes & Gardens My 4-year-old has a love for the “Dem Bones” book (https://amzn.to/2wdjxmS), so I KNOW he would love this front porch!
  6. Artisans ListHoly Moly!!
  7. Jack-o-Lantern EntryThis is amazing!! I know those foam pumpkins can be purchased at craft stores pretty reasonably.
  8. Trick or TreatThe spiderweb on the concrete may be my favorite part of this entry! Grab some electrical tape or colored duct tape and create your own spider web!
  9. Nifty Thrifty & ThrivingThey made the eyes and teeth out of foamboard!!! Head to the Dollar Tree for some foam board and paint, I bet you could make this entire project for under $3! Directions are included on their site.
  10. Spooky Entry from Pottery Barn Check out those awesome spider web lights!
  11. Tator Tots & Jello Complete with instructions for a Halloween Countdown board!
  12. The White Hare What I love about this entry the most is that the scary pieces could be taken down and you’d be left with a lovely Thanksgiving surround!
  13. Green & Purple!  The green & purple, used in conjunction with classic orange and black, give this porch a more whimsical feel.
  14. HGTV This WILL be happening on my front porch!
  15. Better Homes & GardensThis one gets the entire house in on the decorating!

Whatcha think? This should be a good list to get you started!

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